Friday, December 3, 2010

Desolation RC1 Released

I released the first 'release candidate' version of RC1 a few weeks ago. Forgot to post about it here since no one reads this :) If you have the pb1, b2, or b2a versions please switch to this.

Actually, I checked TF2 stats yesterday and it seems koth_desolation_rc1 is the most popular version so perhaps people noticed and switched. Still, I'm going to have to track down the servers running old versions one of these days. One thing that will help will be when I make the special prophunt version. I still can't believe desolation got added to that mod (and that the guy never told me about it). At any rate, more people are playing it than ever before so that's awesome.

Desolation was also supposed to be used in a koth league but I'm not sure if that ever went forward, if anyone knows please let me know!

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